Show me the truth
01.14 2014

Forget the regular surveys: they do not reveal the truth – 1

Let’s observe! And build a new world of client surveys.

Qualitative studies based on statements are unsuitable for understanding the lives of consumers. They are based on what they say they do but not on what they actually do. Why? Simply because they are carried out of the contexts of real life, and out of context, no one is aware of his behaviors.

But to innovate, it is crucial to rely on the truth of today usages before designing new worlds. If declarative studies are unreliable, where will we find the raw material for innovation?

Only the observation can activate the awareness-raising on the daily life.

If you ask me to describe you the way I prepare the family breakfast with my children, there is a good chance that I’m telling you nonsense. Not because I would want to cheat you, but because I am not aware of all these micro gestures, these habits, these reflexes that I show only when I am standing in my kitchen, with my kids heckling around me.

But if you shot me in my kitchen and then you showed me that video, Read more

published on 01/14/2014 at 6:28 pm
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