06.25 2013

Invitation to Innovators

Innovation is nothing without its adventurers who, in companies, laboratories, start-ups, administrations or the media, bring it out, feed it, grow it and make it blossom in the hands of their users.

I am playing with the idea of giving them this modest platform so that they can share with us their experience of innovation.

So watch this space. Speak to you soon!

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06.14 2013

The emotional capacity of Radi Designers

What can be more simple and functional than a switch?

What can be less moving?

With Switch, the Radi Designers collective has managed one of the most beautiful and eloquent expressions of a functional AND elegant design. When the wire is bent, the electricity is cut off, when it is straight, the light switches on.
The beautiful poetry of  daily objects...

(c) photo Radi Designers

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BEfore I was
06.06 2013

Welcome to the blog on Innovation by Design!


I am short-sighted.

I remember that for a long time I dreamed, as a child, that I was able to look into the distance. And that I could see clearly into the distance. The very first object for which I religiously saved my money then was a telescope. I could not have foreseen that this telescope would have a crucial effect on my professional life.

It was the first step of my becoming aware of the fundamental importance of the Experience. As a designer, I gradually opened my eyes on the power of observation, and human sciences in general, as a breeding ground for innovation by design.

To observe life is to begin the Experiential Revolution.

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